It doesn’t make any sense VI

A well-educated citizenry is critical for the prosperity and well-being of society. On that most people agree. So why is athletics placed above academics? Why are fast, easy on-line courses placed above a challenging 21st century curriculum? It doesn’t make any sense; yet that’s what’s happening!

According to an article in the NY Times, some football coaches have become the highest-paid employees of their states. educationThese same high-priced coaches are often summarily fired when the team is losing and their multi-year contracts result in significant cost to the school and its academic programs. When the University of Tennessee recently fired its football coach, the University announced it would forgo $18 million in academic scholarships the athletic department had planned to make to the university so the fired coach and his staff could be paid millions in severance. This is not an isolated case – over the last decade one in ten major universities has replaced their head football coach because of unsatisfactory win-loss records. Basketball coach firings follow a similar script.

Another Times story points out how federal student-loan programs finance questionable online degrees that saddle ill-prepared students with mountains of debt. student debtEven well-reputed institutions of higher learning are more focused on getting high rankings from influential publications than preparing their graduates to enter the workforce and contribute to society. Until we get our educational priorities straight, we can’t expect much else to go right.

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