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During the holiday season, friends and families come together to celebrate and discuss important events in their lives. These gatherings mirror society as a whole and often lead to a contentious airing of seemingly irreconcilable points of view on everything from mundane matters to subjects of great significance. People talk past each other rather than finding common ground where compromise becomes possible.

As www.wideanglethinking.com has discussed in previous posts, one of the most divisive and potentially devastating issues facing humanity involves global warming.

So this may be an opportune time to share our hopes and concerns in a respectful, dispassionate manner. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a respected international NGO, put together a list of ways to talk about Global Warming/Climate Change with friends and family constructively yet without ruffling feathers. While this post was intended to be used around the Thanksgiving table, it will work equally as well at this time of year. Please take a look at these suggestions and try them out. If we all tone down our rhetoric, we may gain a new perspective on this important, time-sensitive issue.

I will be leaving for India in a few days and if everything goes as planned, WAT’s next post will be from this country of ancient traditions and a modern, burgeoning economy. Please stay tuned. May you all have a healthy, growth-filled 2012.

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